Questions to ask your installer

1.    What soil type are the post footings going into?

2.   How deep are the posts going to be set into the ground?

3.    How many bags of cement are to be used in each hole ?

4.   If the post starts to lean over are you coming back to fix them?   

Installation guide

     SOIL TYPE                                 HOLE DEPTH                                                   CONCRETE

         Rock                                             300 mm                                                       1 Bag per hole    

         Firm earth                                    600 mm                                                       2 Bags per hole

         Loose sand                                 800 mm                                                       3 Bags per hole          

Maintenance and Warranty of your fence

1.   Use the hose to wash down your fence once or twice a year, to keep it dust and dirt free.

2.   Do not push soil,leaves or grass clippings up against the fence. Constant dampness may lead to corrosion.

3.   A Colourbond fence is backed up by a 10 year warranty under the following conditions:

  • Installed 1km from marine or industrial enviroment.
  • Fence is installed to manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Fence is maintained regularly in accordance with BlueScope Steel guidelines